Who We Are

         Hi! We are Carolina Beer Candles, a woman-owned candle business that started in July of 2018. Our names are Allie Piwonka and Addie Vermillion and we both graduated from the College of Charleston with a passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability. The purpose of this little business is to make way for a better, more sustainable future by repurposing aluminum cans and glass bottles into candles that will last a lifetime! We can refill your candle once its finished (at a discount, too!), or you can repurpose it as a vase, planter, etc. We have over 10 different scents to choose from, including several seasonal fragrances too! Have a sentimental wine bottle from your best friend's wedding in 2008 and you just don't know what to do with it? We can make it into a candle! Just ship your bottle to us and we will cut it, sand it, and fill it with wax and your scent of choice to give your favorite memento a new purpose! Send us an email or message us on Instagram to start your custom order today. 

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